Magnetic inductive flo meter

Electromagnetic Viscometer

iFm SM9000 s/n 20029251018

flow: 5…300 L/min
8-32 volts dc
pressure rating 16 bar
medium temp: -10…70 C
Pressure sensor 
Number of digital outputs: 2; Number of analog outputs: 1
Measuring range
-1…10 bar -14.5…145 psi -0.1…1 MPa
Process connection threaded connection G 1 external thread Aseptoflex Vario
System gold-plated contacts
Application flush mountable for the food and beverage industry
Media viscous media and liquids with suspended particles; liquids and gases
Medium temperature [°C] -25…125; (145 max. 1h)
Min. bursting pressure
150 bar 2175 psi 15 MPa
Pressure rating
50 bar 725 psi 5 Mpa
Vacuum resistance [mbar] -1000
Type of pressure relative pressure; vacuum
No dead space yes
MAWP (for applications according to CRN)
50 bar 725 psi 5 MPa